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T-Card / Intellicharger Page

What is a T-Card?

A T-Card was a special, rare form of Intellivision cartridge which could use ordinary ROMS, instead of the wierd GI ROMS.

Here are some scans of a T-Card circuit board owned by DougM:

Top Side (100 dpi) Bottom Side (100 dpi)
Top Side (300 dpi, huge!) Bottom Side (300 dpi, huge!)

"Oh - that's why they call it a T-Card.. :) "

The Intellicharger

The Intellicharger will be a tool which will allow you to attach your computer to your Intellivision system, for the purpose of playing old games or developing and playing new ones. It will be a low-cost alternative to the Magus-2 system, partially based on the T-card design. It is currently under development, but when it's complete the design will be free, and you will be able to purchase them at a reasonable cost.