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The TMS5220 Series Speech Synthesizer

The TI TMS5110/5220 series speech chips were used for the first wave of commercial voice synthesizers in the late 70's and early 80's. In an application, they allow speech data to be stored in a highly compressed format, which was very important in the days when ROM space was expensive. They synthesize speech using a method know as Linear-Predictive Coding (LPC).

A data sheet is available here as a zipped PDF file, thanks to someone on the net. It's 2.4 Megs. If you need any more info about this chip, feel free to contact me.

Some products which used a TI TMS5110 or TMS5220:

    Speak 'n Spell

Arcade Games:
    Star Wars
    The Empire Strikes Back
    Gauntlet I/II
    Tron Deadly Disks

Home Computers:
    TI 99/4 Home Computer Voice module
I have written an emulator for this chip, and the source code is available as part of the MAME project. For more info on MAME and other emulators, please check out Dave's Classics or some such other site. If you want to use the source for something important, please contact me. I'd love to hear from you!

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